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A story of courage and hope, duty and daring.

From Zhia Diva:


He hesitated in the doorway, wondering if he were doing the right thing. His heart urged him on, but his head. . . .

This is going to be harder than I thought. Not even the greenest newcomer to a Singer's Hall would consider using such outworn words. But were I to set sentiments even as tired as those to a good tune, the nobodies- non-Singers- would eat up the story and ask for more. It has all the right elements: love found and lost and found again, lust, intrigue, danger. . . and even a happy ending. But before I return to that moment when I was hesitating in the doorway, torn between my heart and my head- Nia Diva, daemon of music, pardon that cliché and any other banalities I fail to catch!-- let me explain how I came to be standing there.